Your presentation may be an extension of a paper written for a course in Slavic or East/Central European studies or a project related to your personal interests. You may work alone or jointly with another student. Instructors from your campus Slavic, Russian or East/Central European Studies program will serve as project advisors. Any undergraduate enrolled in a Slavic or East/Central European language, literature, linguistics, history, political science, music, folklore, or other relevant course may participate. Graduate students are invited to serve as panel moderators.


The paper must incorporate some materials in a Slavic or other East/Central European language. Your level of proficiency will determine the extent to which foreign language materials should be used. For example, beginning students might incorporate titles of books or articles or place names in the original Slavic language; intermediate students might read some passages in the original from relevant sources; advanced students might base their paper on sources in the given language. Individual presentations should be 10-15 minutes in length; joint presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length.

How to participate

If you would like to participate in the conference, please submit a proposal (a title and a one-sentence description) for your presentation to a faculty member on your campus as well as to one or both of the conference program coordinators (more information can be found on the call for paper).

Call for papers

Check back soon for information about our upcoming conference!