Undergraduate Journal

The UC Undergraduate Journal of Slavic and East/Central European Studies is one of the few publications for undergraduate students focusing on Slavic and East/Central European topics. Undergraduate students working in any relevant discipline are invited to submit their papers for consideration to the UC Undergraduate Journal of Slavic and East/Central European Studies. All papers will be subject to rigorous peer review. The deadline for journal submissions is October 06, 2017.  Please email Professor Roman Koropeckyj (koropeck@humnet.ucla.edu) and Dane Reighard (danemvr@ucla.edu) with your name, preferred email, paper, and the name and email of your advisor.

It is expected that you will work with your advisor between now and the submission deadline on revising your paper. Please keep in mind that there is a large difference between a conference presentation and a written article. Your papers should have a well-formulated and well-developed thesis, with plenty of textual evidence to back it up. When citing a non-English language source, please give the quote in English translation in the body and in the original Slavic language in the footnotes. The papers should be a maximum of 25 double-spaced pages and need to include footnotes and a bibliography (the page limit is inclusive of the bibliography/footnotes). For the bibliography, please use the Chicago Manual of Style format (click here to view a CMS guide and here for a quick-reference handout).

To view the journal, please visit http://international.ucla.edu/cwl/slavicjournal/1112.

All questions should be directed to Professor Roman Koropeckyj (koropeck@humnet.ucla.edu) and Dane Reighard (danemvr@ucla.edu).