High School Language Program


We will NOT be offering the Russian High School Language Program in Summer 2018. 



UCLA offers a summer Russian class for high school students who are exposed to Russian at home and want to learn to read and write or to develop their speaking, listening, and literacy skills. We accept all levels of heritage language students in our program.


  • Improve your knowledge of your home language and learn to value your bilingual heritage
  • Use classroom immersion in the heritage language to build comprehensive language skills.
  • Build connections between students and family members through the oral histories project, in which students conduct interviews with family and community members.
  • Foster an appreciation for various genres of texts, including fiction, poetry, current events, and contemporary and traditional film and arts.
  • Cultivate a love and appreciation for world cultures as well as the many diaspora cultures in Los Angeles.
  • Encourage a lifelong connection to the ideas, history and cultures of other languages.
  • Foster an appreciation for world cultural traditions, holidays, dance, food, music and art.
  • Nurture friendships by building strong classroom bonds.
  • Encourage parent and community involvement through community events and social gatherings, including a program-wide film festival and exhibition.
  • Use technology for language learning to stimulate active and exciting learning.
  • Use authentic materials to simulate real-life language experience.

Visit http://international.ucla.edu/hslanguages for more information.