Awards & Recognition (2019)

Graduating Majors

Central & East European Studies
Hannah Bennet, Yana Demeshko

Russian Language & Literature
Kay Dilworth

Russian Studies
Gracen Blackwell, Morgan Hansen, Naomi Kisel, Leanna Kramer, Conor McDonald, Melissa Miller, Rebecca Van Vliet

Graduating Minors

Central & East European Studies
Maura Dooley, Felix Alexie, Djordjijana Konstantinovic

Russian Language
Alexander Hurley, Sonya Meraz, Julia Morales-Castillo, Elena Pogosova

Russian Literature
Maria Polyakova

Russian Studies
Taline Balian, Evaristo Capalla, Charlotte Santomero, Jordan Villegas

Excellence in Russian, East European & Central European Studies Award

UCLA Department of Slavic, East European & Eurasian Languages & Cultures

Hannah Bennet and Leanna Kramer

Clara & George Vajna Award for Excellence in Hungarian Studies

Sabina Hagey-Szathmary

American Council of Teachers of Russian Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award

Melissa Miller

Undergraduate Research Week Presentations

Hannah Bennet

Leanna Kramer

Melissa Miller

Undergraduate Research Week poster

Rebecca Livermore

UCLA Russian Flagship Program

1. UCLA Russian Flagship Domestic Course of Study
Kay Dilworth, Melissa Miller, Rebecca Van Vliet

2. Continuing with the Flagship Capstone year in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Morgan Hansen, Leanna Kramer

3. 2018-2019 Flagship Capstone completion, graduating in 2019
Certified Flagship Global Professionals: Rowan Baker, Evaristo Capalla
Certified Flagship Global Professional with Distinction: Meagan Ford

4. Boren Fellowship for year-long Russian language study abroad
2018-2019: Rowan Baker, Evaristo Capalla, Meagan Ford
2019-2020: Morgan Hansen, Leanna Kramer

5. U.S. Russian Foundation Award (2018-2019): Rowan Baker

6. Suzan and Terry Kramer Internship Abroad Scholarship (2018-2019): Rowan Baker

7. Critical Language Scholarship for Russian language summer study abroad
Leanna Kramer: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

8. Flagship Scholarship for summer study of Russian: (Almaty, Kazakhstan):
Felipe Amirola, Sophia Badalian, Alexa Black, Erika Campos, Cheyenne Hawkins, Darion Ouliguian, Gemma Taylor, Alexandra Tucker, Gemma Taylor, Kelly Vines

9. Dr. Hermine and Sigmund Frey Scholarship, UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies:
Darion Ouliguian

10. Stephen O. Lesser Russian Flagship Award For the Best Reflective Essay on a Summer Studying Russian Overseas, Summer 2018
First prize: Delaney Thurmond for study in Almaty, Kazakhstan (American Councils)
Second prize: Tyler Le for study in Tbilisi, Georgia (CLS)
Third prize: Gracen Blackwell and Melissa Leyba for study in Almaty, Kazakhstan (American Councils)
Honorary Mention: Kay Dilworth and Rebecca van Vliet for study in Almaty, Kazakhstan (American Councils)
Melissa Miller for study in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (CLS)

11. National Russian Flagship Culture Conference, February 2019
Melissa Miller: A Comparison of the HIV Infection Rates in Kyrgyzstan and Russia

National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest

1. Second year Russian, Gold Medal: Bruce Oliver
2. Second year Russian, Bronze Medal: Michael Valentekovic
3. Third year Russian, Bronze Medal: Hannah Bennet
4. Fourth year Russian, Bronze Medal: Tyler Le
5. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 1, Honorable Mention: Nadiya Komzyuk
6. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 2, Gold Medal: Oksana Manasserian
7. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 2, Honorable Mention: Alina Arama
8. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 3, Silver Medal: Shushanik Basmajyan
9. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 3, Honorable Mention: Elen Sahakyan
10. Non-heritage Slavic speaker, Level 4, Gold Medal: Belmergen Aigerim
11. Heritage Russian speaker, Level 1, Honorable Mention: Margaret Koulikova
12. Heritage Russian speaker, Level 2, Honorable Mention: Nick Burchuladze

UC Undergraduate Conference on Slavic & East/Central European Studies Participants

Hannah Bennet
“Beyond Fort Ross: Defining Russia’s Impact on California, Past and Present”

Gracen Blackwell
“Manuscripts Don’t Burn: Fantasy as a Medium of Critique in The Master and Margarita

Yana Demeshko
“Putting the ‘War’ in Warsaw: How Russia is Sabotaging Poland’s Standing with the West”

Jonathan Randall Den Bleyker
“The Religious Implication of Romanian Folk Ballads: ‘Master Builder Manole’”

Kay Dilworth
“A Historical Tragedy: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy”

Morgan Hansen:
“Cultural Performance in the Theatrical Zeitgeist”

Leanna Kramer
“An Attack on Liberal Democracy: Modern Russian Cyber Warfare.”

 Melissa Miller
“Putin and Patriarch Kirill’s Mutually Advantageous Relationship and Its Effect on the Russian Federation’s Growing HIV Epidemic”

Ian A. Perez
“The Impact of Emigration in Croatia”

Rebecca Van Vliet
“The Questionable Status of the Woman Question: An “Engaged” Comparative Political Theory Approach to Lenin, Kollontai, and the Legal, Economic, and Physical Ramifications of Their Thoughts”