Office Hours

Due to COVID-19, all office hours will be conducted virtually.


Instructor Course(s) Day(s) / Time(s) Location Email
Borbely, M. HNGAR 101A TR 11am-12pm Online
Furman, Y. SLAVC 191TA / RUSSN C124C, C224C T 11-11:50am / R 2-2:50pm Appt. Online
Galateanu, G. C&EE ST 91 / ROMANIA 101A TR 1-2pm / TR 5:50-6:50pm Online
Koropeckyj, R. RUSSN C124G, C224G W 2:30-3:30pm / R 3:30-4:30pm / Appt. Online
Kresin, S. RUSSN 101A / RUSSN 187A MWF 11:30am-12pm / M 1:15-2pm / MW 3:30-4pm Online
Kudyma, A. RUSSN 102A / 103A W 5-7pm / Appt. Online
Lejko-Lacan, V. SRB CRO 102A, 187E M 4:45-5:45pm / R 4:45-5:45pm / Appt. Online
Lenhoff, G. RUSSN M118 / SLAVC 200A W 8:30-9:30am, 1-2pm Online
Pilshchikov, I. RUSSN 212A TR 2:15-3:15pm Online
Severina, Y.
Shneyder, V. RUSSN 90B T 3-4pm / F 10-11am Online
Skudskaia, E. POLSH 102A / RUSSN 100A TR 4-5pm / Appt. Online
Riggs, J. RUSSN 1 MW 10-11am Online
Vroon, R. RUSSN 213A W 1-3pm / Appt. Online

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Course(s) Day(s) / Time(s) Location Email
Kuvelas, N. RUSSN 1 F 12-2pm Online
Makarova, E. RUSSN 1 M 9-11am Online
Petkovski, F. C&EE ST 91 R 12-2pm Online
Stojanović, A. RUSSN 90B T 11am-1pm / Appt. Online
Winsky, P. RUSSN 1 MW 10-11am Online
Yefimenkov, V. RUSSN 4 MWF 3:15-3:35pm Online

Updated 10/13/2020