Contract Courses


Contract Courses are supervised individual research or investigation under guidance of faculty member, with a culminating paper or project.

If you would like to enroll in a contract/independent study course, please follow these procedures:

1. Determine and ask the faculty member you would like to do the contract course with.
Before meeting with the faculty member, you must already know what project you will be working on with the faculty. You must also in conjunction with the faculty member come up with a proposed reading list for your project. When a faculty member agrees to do a contract with you, finalize how often you will meet throughout the quarter, a summary of the project that you want to do and the evidence that you will present at the end of the quarter to show you have fulfilled the contract (paper). All of this information must be stated explicitly in the contract that you write up.

2. Log onto MyUCLA.
Click on “contract courses” under the Features column on the left hand side. Fill out the appropriate contract information and print it out. Please be as specific as possible when you fill out the contract information. Contracts that don’t specifically state the information asked for in #2 (above) will most likely not be approved and will be returned to you for more information.

3. Have the faculty member sign your contract.
If you are at your unit max for the quarter and need to petition for more units, please do so before your contract is turned into a counselor.

4. Email the signed contract to the Student Services Advisor.
You must submit the signed contract to the Student Services Advisor via email. We will arrange to have it approved and signed by the Department Chair and enroll you in the class.

**If you course is not approved by the end of week 2, you must take your contract to the College for a late add (you will be charged a fee).

5. Submit a petition.
If you plan to use the contract course as a major/minor course requirement, you must also petition the Department for credit.


Slavic 197. Individual Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures. (2 to 4) Tutorial, to be arranged. Limited to juniors/seniors. Individual intensive study, with scheduled meetings to be arranged between faculty member and student. Assigned reading and tangible evidence of mastery of subject matter required. May be repeated for credit. Individual contract required. P/NP or letter grading.

Slavic 198A-198B. Honors Research in Slavic Languages and Literatures. (4-4) Tutorial, three hours. Course 198A is requisite to 198B. Limited to senior departmental honors program students. Development and completion of honors thesis under direct supervision of faculty member. Individual contract required. Letter grading.

Slavic 199. Directed Research in Slavic Languages and Literatures. (2 to 8) Tutorial, to be arranged. Limited to juniors/seniors. Supervised individual research under guidance of faculty mentor. Culminating paper required. May be repeated for credit. Individual contract required. P/NP or letter grading.


Honors Contracts are meant to enrich the experience of College Honors students by facilitating greater student-faculty interaction and allowing students to pursue study beyond what is required of other students in a course. Follow these instructions to set up your Honors Contract.

Through the “Contract” link on the MyUCLA page, a student initiates enrollment in a 1-unit 89HC (lower-division) or 189HC (upper-division) adjunct to a main course. This 1-unit adjunct can only be taken concurrently with a lecture course taught by a professor who has not exceeded his/her 7 contract courses maximum in one quarter. Students are limited to a total of 4 honors contracts.

Please visit the Honors Programs website for more information.