Prof. Roman Koropeckyj discusses Romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz on “Encounters with Polish Literature”

Published: March 11, 2022

On January 19, 2022, before the invasion, Prof. Roman Koropeckyj (UCLA) and David A. Goldfarb recorded a conversation for “Encounters with Polish Literature” about Poland’s Romantic national poet, Adam Mickiewicz–his area of specialization and a fitting subject for the Year of Polish Romanticism declared by the Polish Sejm or parliament for 2022. It is available now on the Polish Cultural Institute New York YouTube channel.

Among other topics including Koropeckji’s Mickiewicz biography from Cornell University Press, they look at Bill Johnston’s recent translation of Pan Tadeusz, the national epic from Archipelago Books, and Kevin Kearney’s new translations of the Crimean Sonnets that appear in the newest volume of Cardinal Points literary journal, edited by UCLA Slavic alum, Boris Dralyuk.

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