14th Annual (2011)

APRIL 30, 2011

08:30am – 09:00am     Coffee and Refreshments (Humanities 135)

09:00am – 09:10am     Opening Remarks

Prof. Roman Koropeckyj, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, UCLA

09:15am – 10:30am     Session 1

Panel 1A: RUSSIA AND THE WEST (Humanities 135)

Derek Groom and Sydney Heller, UCLA “Immigration and Emigration: An Analysis of Leaving the Soviet Union for the United States”

Katja Nelson, UCLA “International Relations of Russia and the European Union: A Constant Impasse”

Alyssa Haerle, UCLA “What Skolkovo and Russia’s Modernization Could Mean for the West”

Panel 1B: EASTERN EUROPEAN STUDIES (Humanities 169)

Michelle Mikolajczyk, UCLA “The Sharper Side of the Pen: Political Poetry of War-Torn Poland”

Kate Stimac, UCLA “Gender Roles in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia: The LGBT Experience and Gay Rights”

Ibrahim Zaganjor and Milica Sapungin, UCLA “Montenegro: A Separate State Developing a New Independent Identity”

10:30am – 10:40am     BREAK

10:40am – 11:50am      Session 2

Panel 2A: RUSSIA, THE PAST AND THE PRESENT (Humanities 135)

Yannelly Perez, UCI “An Image Analysis of the Communist Party’s Early Visions to Build Socialism and the Repressive Measures Subsequently Implemented to Achieve and Preserve this Fundamental Revolutionary Goal”

Nadya Dorsht, UCLA “The Russian Energy State: An Economic and Legal Assessment”

Jason W. Whitaker, UCSD “Addiction in Russia: How the Science of Alcohol Addiction Can Lend Insight into Russia’s Alcoholism Pandemic”

Panel 2B: RUSSIAN LITERATURE (Humanities 169)

Michaela Juklova, UCSD “Margarita Uncovered: Sexuality, Power and Gender in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita

Anna Gruzman, UCSD “Bakhtin the Theorist, Bulgakov the Novelist, and Their Views on the Soviet State”

Michelle Morley, UCLA “Gogol’s Favorite Muse”

11:50am – 01:00pm     LUNCH

Roundtable on Study Abroad in Russia and East/Central Europe

01:00pm – 02:15pm     Session 3

Panel 3A: RUSSIAN FEMALE LITERATURE (Humanities 135)

Sonja Magnuson, UCSB “No Room of One’s Own: Private Space and the Construction of the Female Artist in the Poems of Anna Akhmatova”

Tatiana Zavodny, UCSD “Yevgenia Ginzburg’s Personal Inferno”

Nina Vertelkina, UCI “The Female Protagonists of Lyudmila Ulitskaya”

Panel 3B: SOCIETY AND ART (Humanities 169)

Irina Mkhitaryan, UCLA “Life of Sofia Ivanovna Blyuvshteyn (aka Sonka—the Golden Hand)”

Miguel Liberato and Erika Nauman, UCSB “Real Men: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Ballet and Masculinity”

Nikolai V. Druzhinin, UCSB “Vladimir Vysotsky: Hushed Revolutionary and National Symbol”

Alexander Woodman, UCLA “Back in the USSR”

02:15pm     Closing Remarks & Presentation of Certificates

Larry McLellan, Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies, UCSB

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