21st Annual (2018)

Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Olga Kagan

09:00am – 09:30am               Coffee and Refreshments (Humanities 348)                               

09:35am – 09:40am               Opening Remarks (Humanities A51)

Ronald Vroon (UCLA) Chair of the Department of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Languages and Cultures

09:50am – 11:10am               Panel 1A: Topics in Jewish and Romanian Studies (Humanities A51)

Chair: Susie Bauckus

Ramona Kline (Portland State University) “A New Day for Russia’s Jews? The Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Community in Putin’s Russia”

Yasha Max Hoffman (University of Wisconsin – Madison) “Contemporary musical Culture of Bukharian Jews: Preservation and Performance”

Hannah Catherine Bennet (UCLA) “The Tsar’s Voivode: Dimitrie Cantemir and the Cultural Politics of Early Modern Romania”

Mason Comtois (UCLA) “A Romanian Influenced Constructed Language”

09:50am – 11:10am               Panel 1B: Topics in Literature (Humanities A26)

Chair: Conor McDonald       

Seoyeon Park (UCLA) “From Seoul to Siberia: How 19th Century Russian Literature Influenced Modern Day Korea”

Charlotte Hendricks and Alison Roper (UCSB) “Death and Life in Doctor Zhivago

Anna Ivanov (Macalester) “A Monument of Tweets: Toward a Reader-Oriented Analysis of the Akhmatova Canon”

Ross Mitchell (UCLA) “Scriabin’s Ecstasy: When Poetry and Music Meet”

11:10am – 11:20am               BREAK

11:20am – 12:40pm               Panel 2A: Language Learning and Usage (Humanities A51)

Chair: Alyssa Haerle

Nicole Bugrim  (UCLA) “Russian as a Heritage Language: Teaching Methods Based on Linguistic and Cultural Issues”

Azura FairChild (UCSD) “Gendered Stereotypes in Russian Language Practice”

Yana Kogan (UCSB) “Essentials in Appreciating Анекдоты, a Sector of Russian Humor”

Kristian Moravec (Bryn Mawr) “Beyond the Classroom: Skill Development through Online Practice”

11:20am – 12:40pm               Panel 2B:  Architecture, Cinema, and Literature (Humanities A26)

Chair: Dane Reighard

George O’Hara (Haverford) “Hopelessness in the Russian Family Hearth: Cinematographic Reflections of the Failure of the Mother-Child Relationship in Contemporary Russia”

Kathryn Hunt (UCSB) “’A Timeless Notion of Identity and Spirit:’ Tea and the Samovar in 19th Century Russia”

Rebekah Livermore (UCLA) “An Inorganic Madness: Reassessing Ivan’s ‘Brain Fever’ in The Brothers Karamazov and Bakhtin’s Theory of the Polyphonic Novel”

Elizabeth Culp (Haverford) “Обращение к архитектуре Герценского Университета как путь познания российской педагогической традиции (в сравнении с Американским Университетом Хаверфорда)”

12:40pm – 01:40pm               LUNCH (Humanities 348)

01:40pm – 02:55pm               Panel 3: Contemporary Political and Social Questions of the Russian Federation (Humanities A51)

Chair: Yelena Severina

Karine Harutyunyan (UCLA) “Outcasts of Russian Society: Homosexuality in Russian Federation”

Yana Demeshko (UCLA) “Outside the Ballot Box: A Case Study on Youth Political Activity During the Putin Administration”

Louis Conan Bethge (UCLA) “Putin it All Together: Unraveling the Rise of Russia’s Newest Tsar”

02:55pm – 03:05pm               BREAK

03:05pm – 04:05pm               Panel 4A: Soviet Era Gender Studies (Humanities A51)

Chair: Jasmine Lin

Leslie N Ro (UCLA) “Woman v. Women: The Shift from a Woman’s Role to the Women’s Movement in Kazakhstan”

Sonia Ter-Saakyan (UCSD) “Hammer, Sickle, Mop, and Missile: The Effects of World War II on Soviet Women”

Rebecca Van Vliet (UCLA) “Hearts and Beatings: An ‘Engaged’ Comparative Political Theory Debate on Intimate Relations in Kollontai, Lenin and Modern Russia”

03:05pm – 04:05pm               Panel 4B: Topics in Soviet Political Policies (Humanities A26)

Chair: Michael Lavery

 Michelle Angela McKenzie (Ohio State University) “From Vernacularization to Assimilation: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Language Planning, 1922-1972”

Kennedy Lee (University of Wisconsin – Madison) “The Importance of Sports Diplomacy in the Brezhnev Era”

04:05pm – 04:15pm               Closing Remarks & Presentation of Certificates (Humanities A51)

Larry McLellan (UCSB) Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies

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