Awards & Recognition (2013)

UCLA Russian Flagship Program

Graduating from the UCLA Flagship (domestic)
Maia Kustin
Young Man Park
Rashid Sharikov
Elizabeth Shek

Continuing with the Flagship Capstone year in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Anna Bar

2012-2013 Flagship Capstone certification
Dustin Chavkin
Derek Groom
Sydney Heller
Adelina Tomova

Boren Fellowship for year-long Russian language study abroad
Anna Bar

FLAS scholarship for year-long Russian language study at UCLA
Daniel Higuchi

Critical Language Scholarship for summer study in Russia
Brandon Lavoppui
Braunny Ramirez

Gilman Fellowship for summer study in Russia
Gladys Rivas

Flagship Scholarship for summer study of Russian (Vladimir, Russia)
Yekaterina Belikov
Miles Devinny
Daniel Higuchi
Yelena Muratova
Hristiana Petkova
Nadia Riabkova
Daniel Rosas

National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest

American Council of Teachers of Russian

Heritage Russian, Level 1, Third Place
Inna Pinkhasova

Heritage Russian, Level 1, Honorable Mention
Yelena Muratova

Heritage Russian, Level 3, First Place
Georgy Shatskiy

Heritage Russian, Level 3, Third Place
Tatiana Galushkina

Heritage Russian, Level 3, Honorable Mention
Sara Miller

UC Undergraduate Conference on Slavic & East/Central European Studies Participants

Lilit Arakelyan
“Perception and the Construction of Dichotomies in Chekhov’s Short Stories”

Daniela Bradvica
“The Genetic Effects of Isolation on the Populations of Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands”

Jocelyn Arias Guevara
“Language in Russian Science Fiction”

Maia G. Kustin
“‘Thinking Through Social Sciences’ in Analysis of Dostoevsky’s System of Beliefs”

Yelena Muratova
“Beethoven the Soviet Revolutionary”

Rebekah Livermore
“‘Burning with a Mad Flame’: The Use of Light in Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘The Return of Chorb’ in Mocking Richard Wagner’s Parsifal”

Phillip Mikell
“In Search of Comrade Rambo: Soviet Cinematic Portrayal of the American ‘Other’ during the 1980’s”

Gladys Rivas
“The Inevitable Blur Between Author and Translator: Dostoevsky from Russian to English”

Hannah Strassburger
“Art as a Mirror in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union”

Ryan Wauson
“World War I and the Bolshevik Seizure of Power”

Grace Watson
“Religion and Spirituality in Chekhov’s Works”