Photo Gallery

Please enjoy the photos taken from a few of our departmental events!

Russian Potluck (04/25/18)

Students, professors and instructors of Russian language at UCLA join forces in preparing a Russian mini food-fest and introduce the dishes they brought. The ethnic culinary tasting of pelmeni, olivier and vinigret was enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere, resulting in many new acquaintances among the students of different language learning levels. Gastronomic discoveries of blini, prianiki and cake-smetannik was accompanied by Russian music and a cultural trivia rally, concluding with a philosophical discussion – behind the cup of kvas – of what it means to be Russian for each one of the attendees of different heritage and nationality.

Russian Poetry Nights

Russian Dance Class with Larisa Nazarenko

Russian folk music: Traditions and modern performance with Irina Orlova and Anatoliy Mamalyga