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Winter 2018

Russian 213B – 20th-Century Russian Literature, 1930 to 1989

Instructor: Vadim Shneyder

RUSSN 213B. 20th-Century Russian Literature, 1930 to 1989. (4) Lecture, three hours. Required for MA (literature). Lectures and readings in major literary trends, including socialist realism, The Thaw, and second- and third-wave emigration. S/U or letter grading.

Russian 293 – Seminar: 20th-Century Russian Literature

Instructor: Ronald Vroon

RUSSN 293. Seminar: 20th-Century Russian Literature. (4) Seminar, three hours. Requisite: course 213A. Selected authors and works from 20th-century poetry, prose, and drama. May be repeated for credit with consent of instructor and graduate adviser. S/U or letter grading.

Russian C224C – Studies in Russian Literature: Chekhov

Instructor: Yelena Furman

RUSSN C224C. Studies in Russian Literature: Chekhov. (4) Lecture, three hours. Lectures and readings in English. Survey of short stories, novellas, and major plays ( The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard ), with discussion of Russian and American productions. Concurrently scheduled with course C124C. S/U or letter grading.

Slavic 375 – Teaching Apprentice Practicum

Instructor: Anna Kudyma

SLAVC 375. Teaching Apprentice Practicum. (1 to 4) Seminar, to be arranged. Preparation: apprentice personnel employment as teaching assistant, associate, or fellow. Teaching apprenticeship under active guidance and supervision of regular faculty member responsible for curriculum and instruction at UCLA. May be repeated for credit. S/U grading.

Slavic 495 – Teaching Slavic Languages at College Level


Seminar, 90 minutes; discussion, 90 minutes. Designed for graduate students. Theory and practice of language teaching. Discussion of contemporary language teaching methodology as well as problems of pedagogical grammar. S/U grading