Russian for Russians

For students who speak Russian but have difficulty reading and writing or cannot read and write. The course uses materials specifically designed for these learners.

Literacy in Russian: Russian 100 A-B-C

Literacy in Russian is designed for students who speak Russian but have difficulty reading and writing (i.e. heritage speakers). The course focuses on improving reading and writing skills, increasing vocabulary, and developing speaking skills required for academic discourse.

Russian 103 A-B-C / 107 A-B-C / 108

These courses are designed to meet the needs of students who can speak, read, and write in Russian, and who have reached a high level of language proficiency. They’re open both to students who have learned Russian through classroom instruction, and to those who speak Russian at home. The courses aim to develop or maintain your academic-level writing, reading, and speaking skills.

  • 103A: Russian National Identity
  • 103B: Literature and Film
  • 103C: Special Topics and projects. We are open to students’ requests in determining the theme.
  • 107A-B-C: Russian for Social and Cultural Studies. The course content changes from year to year. In the past several years, 107A and 107B have focused on teaching Russian History in Russian.
  • 108: Business Russian. Learn about the Russian business environment, culture, and practices, and develop an ability to use Russian formally in oral presentations.  Work on your own project, ‘opening’ a new business in Russia.